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A kitchen is the center of the home. It should be highly functional – yet stylish and comfortable.

CHC blends traditional craftsmanship with modern manufacturing processes to provide customized kitchens that meet your individual style and budget. With decades of industry experience, we provide expert design advice that will give you the kitchen you’ve always wanted.

Kitchens can be a complex undertaking – one that can easily overwhelm a homeowner with a seemingly endless choice in both layout and materials. That’s why we provide you with professional design consultants that specialize in the latest trends in kitchen renovation. We’ll guide you through design ideas that suit your goals and personal taste. So go ahead and dream a little!


We’ve come a long way since bathrooms were synonymous with “toilets”. Today’s bathrooms are more akin to mini-spas – with designs that are elegant, but eminently practical. Nowadays, customers are seeking personalized spaces that add to the enjoyment of their home.

CHC renovates and customizes dozens of bathrooms every year - powder rooms, main and master bathrooms and basement bathrooms. We provide full design and renovation services and cover everything from floor to ceiling - including all the plumbing and heating modifications that might be required.

Bathrooms – like kitchens – have their own level of complexity We’ll work with you to help make the choices that will deliver that perfect, personalized space.

Transform your old bathroom into something you can truly enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a complete renovation or a minor remodeling, CHC will bring your dream bathroom to life.

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Your CHC project team is comprised of a designer, licensed installation staff and a personal project manager. All members of the team are trained to follow current building codes, proper construction methods, and to consider the unique factors that may apply to your project.

Before we start, our expert team will examine the structure of your basement – both inside and out. We’ll estimate and fix any problem ahead of time. We can waterproof, repair foundations, reinforce cracked walls, replace faulty insulation, convert crawl spaces to a more usable area to name just a few.

We’ll create a moisture and problem-free living area that will give your family and friends decades of enjoyment.