Renovations can be stressful – we get that. There’s an emotional and physical toll that can affect the whole family and interfere with your daily routine. Craftsman Home Contracting (CHC) was founded to address that very issue and provide customers with the best possible experience – from start to finish.

Our popular renos include kitchens, bathrooms, basements and additions, but regardless of the size of your project, we approach each and every one exactly the same way. We understand and embrace your vision and develop a plan that combines functionality, practicality and elegance.

We place a great deal of importance on selecting our own trades people as well as partners that we might work with – because the small things are often not that small at all. Cleanliness, respect for your home and neighbours, and communicating clearly and regularly are not “small things” to homeowners. We demand a customer-first attitude from everyone we employ - and a commitment to deliver the quality that customers expect.

Our crews are well-established, highly skilled and ready to take on your next renovation project - and keep this in mind: at CHC, the emphasis is not just on labour – it’s on craftsmanship.